Beautiful Butterflies

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An ode to the growth and beauty of butterflies (and their young admirers), this colorful, chunky board book is a work of art.

Every page turn of this chunky board book reveals a new layer of Margarida Esteves’s bright, graphic depiction of a stage in the life of a butterfly. A gentle introduction to maturation and diversity, this rhyming story reminds readers that everyone begins life small and then grows through various stages, some slightly awkward, to then emerge as a butterfly flying high in our own uniquely beautiful way.

Butterflies begin their lives so very small.
They go through growth stages that they may not enjoy at all.
But when they are grown and ready to spread their wings to fly,
nothing is more beautiful than a butterfly reaching up, up, up for the sky.

Beautiful Butterflies is part of the LAYERED VIEW board book series celebrating the ways in which our differences make the world a diverse place. Whether examining the unique needs of every flower in a garden or the special qualities of every puppy in a dog park, every die-cut page of a LAYERED VIEW book adds a level to the story―all building to one gorgeous, multi-dimensional scene perfect for displaying on a bookshelf or a bedroom shelf. Rich with special effects like foil and embossing, LAYERED VIEW board books are a beautiful, playful way to introduce new perspectives to the little learners in your life.

  • Age: baby - 3 years
  • 12 pages 
  • 8.5 x 0.75 x 10.25 inches