Peek-A-Page First Words

  • $ 8.95

Peek-A-Page die cuts prompt the reader to turn the page leading them through the book. Each title introduces a new core pre-school concept encouraging multiple purchases across the series. The series features familiar objects and everyday vocabulary to help children become learning-ready for school. The large, sturdy pages are perfect for sharing with parent and child assisting mediated learning. Clear, engaging pictures provide clean, simple shapes that contain texture and detail for closer attention. Peek-A-Page books are a perfect size for sharing. Both parent and child can interact together while discovering what each die-cut shape reveals. These beautifully illustrated board books invite children to peek through from one page to the next, encouraging them to turn the page and practice fine motor skills. The vibrant, gentle illustrations help to introduce and fix new vocabulary and learning concepts.

  • 12 pages
  • Board book
  • 7 x 7 x .6 inches