Two-Tone Artisan Candle

  • $ 34.00

This calming jasmine scented candle is perfect to fill your sweet home or gift to someone as a thoughtful gift. Simple and modern, it makes a wonderful gift idea or a little treat just for you to be enjoyed in the coziest corners of your home. 

This beautiful Japanese ceramic vessels are made to be reused afterward! This vessel is dishwasher and microwave safe and made to use for tea or sake afterward!

Each candle is made with all-natural soy beans and hand-poured to ensure quality.

  • 3.5 oz & 10 oz.
  • Reuse afterward
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Use for tea or sake

Jasmine & Bamboo

  • Top Notes: Cyclamen, Cherry Blossoms, Orange Flower
  • Middle Notes: Star Jasmine, Moroccan Rose Petals, Rainforest Bamboo
  • Base Notes: Hyacinth, Palm Leaves, Trailing Ivy

Pink Opal & Persimmon

  • Top Notes: Water Mint, Jasmine, Lemon
  • Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Silver Linden. Rose Petals
  • Base Notes: White Amber, Orris Root

Matcha Tea & Bergamot

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Dewy Pear, Apple Blossom, Coconut Water
  • Middle Notes: Cactus Flower, Gardenia, White Peony, Aloe Vera
  • Base Notes: Matcha Tea, Muguet, Vanilla Bean, Bamboo