Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

  • $ 60.00

This sleek and modern style diffuser is a subtle addition to your space. Fill this sleek, diffuser with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a spa-like experience in any room of your home. Choose between continuous and intermittent misting, and between high and low diffusion Packaged in an artistic box, this modern oil diffuser makes a wonderful gift. Pair it with essential oils to make it an extra special one!

  • 5x5x10.5 inches
  • Turns off automatically when water runs out
  • High/low button feature: 6.5-hour runtime on low setting; 3.5-hour runtime on high setting
  • Mist button feature: One push for continuous mist || Two pushes for intermittent misting
  • Includes diffuser base, inner cover, ceramic cover, measuring cup and UI-approved AC adapter
  • AC 100–240V/DC 24V
  • 3.25-oz. capacity
  • Made in USA