Liz Hernandez Baggu Reusable Bag

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The perfect bag for a busy guy or gal on-the-go! This to-go bag is roomy and stylish and holds 2–3 plastic grocery bags worth of your belongings. Folds into a flat 5 × 5 inch pouch and even holds 50 pounds! Made from recycled nylon sourced* from pre-consumer waste, this is a perfect way to start or continue along your eco-conscious lifestyle!

Liz Hernández is a Mexican artist based in Oakland, California. Her art practice is deeply influenced by her memories and surroundings of Mexico City where she grew up.

The Mercado bag draws inspiration from the Tianguis, the pop up markets that fill the streets of Mexico City with their pink tents and striking handmade signs. The bag features Liz’s interpretation of these signs, communicating food's relationship to subjects like family and home. This print includes the messages: "To eat a mango and feel at home", "Food is a language and the recipes that are not cooked often are forgotten", or "When my grandma cooks, she cooks with her memories".

  • 25.5 x 15.5 x 6 inch bag
  • Folds in a 5 x 5 inch pouch
  • Ripstop nylon 
  • Machine wash cold & line dry

*Pre-consumer waste saves scrap material from being landfilled, conserves petroleum resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions