Wildflowers-Sunny Mix

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A delightfully easy annual mix! Plant it and forget it - until it bloom! Have a sunny open area ready to become a country wildflower field? We have you covered, quick and simple! Easy to establish, great to view or romp through, and perfect for any open area. Our sunny wildflower mix is a quality blend of bulk wildflower seeds – including black eyed Susan and corn poppy – selected for open areas.

Prepare a bed of loose soil. Sprinkle seeds in prepared area and cover loosely with soil. Keep the area moist until the plants are about 6" tall. It really is that easy!

  • Lifecycle: annual
  • Region: Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest, Texas/Oklahoma, Canada, Western
  • 230-235 Seeds Per Packet 
  • Summer to Fall
  • Height: Varies
  • Uses: Cut flowers
  • Low maintenance 
  • Sun Requirement: sun

Mix Breakdown

Annual Baby's Breath, Crimson Clover, Cornflower, Arroyo Lupine, Calendula, Chinese Forget-Me-Not, Blue Flax, Garland Daisy, Siberian Wallflower, Tree Mallow, California Poppy, Scarlet Flax, Purple Coneflower, Plains Coreopsis.